Grand photo tour around Kamchatka Peninsula, 12-26 August 2020
Kamchatka Photo Tour

Join us on an epic tour around Kamchatka.  Our journey will begin in Klyuchevskoy Nature Park at the north of Kamchatka Peninsula.  Then we will travel to the south, at the footsteps of the Mutnovsky volcano. During our 15 days journey, we will see nine active volcanoes in Kamchatka, visit ice caves, lava plains, volcanic cones, see the Dead Forest and picturesque river canyons.

Throughout the tour, we will be commuting on a 6WD Russian truck called “KAMAZ”, which has been transformed into a comfortable bus seating 25 people (but maximum participants – 12) , with additional room for storing luggage, equipment, food and water.  Each seat has a USB hub for you to charge your devices.  At night, we will be turning on the fuel generators to charge the camera batteries and the rest of your devices.

For the most part of the journey, we will be sleeping in 2-person tents, as there are no established facilities to stay at, around the volcanic area.  However, every three to four days, we will be lodging at either a hotel or a guest house.  This will be an opportunity for us to have some rest and freshen up.  There will be a dedicated tent for kitchen use, housing a cook, who will be making us three meals a day.  Additionally, we will be accompanied by a very experienced driver and a local guide.

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August 12, Day 1

Our journey will begin on the day of your arrival to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport. We will meet you at the airport and transfer to our hotel. There, we will have time to pamper ourselves and discuss our next route, whilst enjoying the onsite hot spring amenities. 

August 13, Day 2

The second day of our journey will begin on the road to the Klyuchevskoy park in the north of the Kamchatka Peninsula.  It’s going to be a long two-day trip, where we will cover more than 600 kilometres. Meals will be provided and in the evening, we will check into our accommodation – a guest house with 2-person cabins in a local village called Kozyrevsk, where you will be able to enjoy an authentic Russian banya (steam room).

August 14, Day 3

On the next day, we will continue our journey to the Klyuchevskoy volcano.  It will take us four to five hours to reach our destination – “Kopyto” camp, located not far from a beautiful lake.  The surrounding area offers amazing views to the Kamen and Klyuchevskoy volcano from its south-western side.  Two years ago, we were lucky enough to witness its eruption. Hopefully, this time around we will get to experience it too.

August 15-16, Days 4-5

We will spend two days at base camp “Kopyto”. On one of those days, we will head down to the Studyonaya river canyon, which is a two hour walk from camp.

August 17, Day 6

Returning back to the guest house in the village Kozyrevsk, where we will unwind and enjoy the banya.

August 18, Day 7

Our next destination is “Kleshnya” camp.  From the surrounding volcanic cones, we will get a chance to see the Tolbachik volcano.  The landscape of this area is surreal, resembling the surface of Mars.

August 19-20, Day 8-9

The following two days will be spent in “Kleshnya.  During these two days we will take the opportunity to explore the lava plains of the Tolbachik, which last erupted in 2012-2013. We will also spend some time taking pictures in the Dead Forest.

August 21, Day 10

We will meet our last sunrise in the Klyuchevskoy park and shortly after will head back to the guest house in Kozyrevsk.

August 22, Day 11

We will return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to our hotel with hot springs. Tomorrow we will move to the south of Kamchatka Peninsula. 

August 23, Day 12

We will head towards one of the most active volcanoes on the entire Kamchatka Peninsula – Mutnovsky volcano.  Various gases like CO2, methane, sulfur dioxide along with water evaporation reach incredibly high temperatures, evaporate to the surface through fumaroles, making the entire surrounding area smell like a chemical laboratory.  The hike to the volcano will take up to three hours, where we will be spending the next two days.

August 24, Day 13

Warm water that trickles down the Mutnovsky volcano creates uniquely shaped caves inside glaciers and snow fields.  We will spend our morning shooting inside these ice caves and later during the day, we will hike to one of the craters on the Mutnovsky volcano.

August 25, Day 14

We will meet our last sunrise on Kamchatka and shortly after will head back to our hotel Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 

August 26, Day 15

Shopping at the local fish market and transfer to the airport.


  • Location: Russia, Kamchatka

  • Accommodation: hotels + guest house + campsite

  • Tour length: 15 days

  • Physical difficulty: easy

  • Maximum participants: 12

  • Transporation: cars

Price per person: 2300 USD
Deposit (required to reserve your spot): 700 USD
Full payment: 90 days before starting date


  • all transfers (car, driver, fuel)

  • accommodation in a double room in a three star hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  • accommodation at guest house in 2-person cabins in Kozyrevsk village

  • accommodation in 2-person tents, camping equipment

  • three meals a day (fullboard) – breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh meat and vegetables

  • cook services

  • national park fees


  • flights

  • visa

  • personal gear including sleeping bag and mat

  • medical insurance

  • alchohol


  • DSLR or mirrorless camera

  • tripod

  • wide angle lens such as 14-24mm, 16-35mm

  • middle zoom lens such as 24-70mm

  • telephoto lens such as 70-200mm

  • remote shutter release

  • CPL, ND, GND filters

  • spare batteries and memory cards

  • waterproof and  windproof jacket (the average temperature in August is about +5°C at sunset/sunrise and +15°C at daytime)

  • waterproof and  windproof pants

  • trekking boots

  • goose down jacket and thermal pants

  • sleeping bag (comfort temprature 0..+5°C)

  • sleeping mat.

Tour leaders:
Vadim Gvon

Vadim Gvon is a landscape photographer based in Irkutsk, Russia. He was born and raised in Siberia inspired by Lake Baikal, coniferous forests and high mountains. After graduation and having worked 5 years as a computer engineer he started to realize that the world stopped growing around him and he along with it. During the same time he discovered a passion for landscape photography wandering round Russia and Middle Asia what made him passionate about beautiful nature and remote destinations. Now he is looking for new adventures, continues travelling and capturing magnificent moments in our world.

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