Photography tours 2021

Lake Baikal photo tour: the poetry of frozen lake, 14-20 January 2021, 21-27 January 2021, 28 January – 3 February 2021

Baikal in winter is magnificent.  Every year I find myself returning to the lake, so I can walk over its clear ice.  I take my first few faltering steps like a child, listening to the cracking noise under my feet and the excited exclamations of the people around me, resonating within the ice – this is how good old Baikal welcomes you into its domain.  Only in winter do you have this unique opportunity to travel around a number of islands on Baikal, see the most incredibly shaped cliffs from up close and take a peek into some of the grottoes and caves that are made inaccessible from the water in summertime. I invite you to join me on a journey by car around Baikal, get a little closer to and experience the local beauty in winter.

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Kazakhstan photo tour: around the Almaty region, 1-10 May 2021 (1 spot left)

I would like to invite you to join our Kazakhstan photo tour around the Almaty region.  Tens of millions of years ago, the territory of this modern country used to be an ancient sea called Tethys, inhabited by various ocean creatures and exuberant corals. This has greatly influenced the unusual and diverse nature of Kazakhstan that we witness nowadays – Almaty region alone offers amazing views of the steppes, deserts, red chalk mountains and canyons that are often compared to Martian landscapes; emerald piedmont lakes surrounded by forests and breathtaking seven thousand meter peaks of Tian Shan.  On this tour we will visit for unique and distinct areas in Almaty region, which include: the Singing Dunes, the Aktau Chalk Mountains located in the Altyn-Emel National Park, Charyn Canyon and the emerald Lakes Kaindy and Kolsay.

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