Photography tours 2022

Lake Baikal photo tour: the poetry of frozen lake, 16-22 January 2022, 23-29 January 2022, 30 January – 5 February 2022

Baikal in winter is magnificent.  Every year I find myself returning to the lake, so I can walk over its clear ice.  I take my first few faltering steps like a child, listening to the cracking noise under my feet and the excited exclamations of the people around me, resonating within the ice – this is how good old Baikal welcomes you into its domain.  Only in winter do you have this unique opportunity to travel around a number of islands on Baikal, see the most incredibly shaped cliffs from up close and take a peek into some of the grottoes and caves that are made inaccessible from the water in summertime. I invite you to join me on a journey by car around Baikal, get a little closer to and experience the local beauty in winter.

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